limitation of SCSI interface at this time is that it will work well on some channels
    and fail on others.

    it's better than nothing, and required hardware should cost less than 10 pounds.

    possible solution is to backport some fixes from windows app derived from linux tool

use firmware version:


    former is preferred, as in the latter the receiver will reboot when the scsi
    driver is loaded and the bus probed, perhaps reset?

    the former has a channel change bug which can become irritating though.

use scsi driver:

    AHA-2940 (ebay < 5 pounds) SCSI-2 HP50M <-> HP50M cable (4 pounds at ebuyer)


    echo "DVB2000:Nokia rulez:0x400" >> /proc/scsi/device_info
    modprobe aic7xxx_old

use grabber:

    works fine for BBC1 on ASTRA but fails for ITV1 (remuxed).

    1.4.0 (

    doesn't seem to work at all.

    TODO: try 1.33 on when the site is working ? (BAD REQUEST for all pages @ Wed Jul  5 02:20:57 BST 2006)

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