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NOTICE (acx100/acx111) in FreeBSD6.1
Go here:

Files here are considered to stable enough to use.

When u find a bug or a usage problem please report it in the
discussion forum.

VERSION acx-20040226.tgz

This is the version you should try first and is stable as an
AP client.

VERSION acx-20040416.tgz

This version has a flaw which may or may not exhibit itself
on your system. Use this version if you want to use Craig's
acxmon tool.

VERSION acx-20040628.tgz

This version fixes the problem above, but won't work with
Craig's acxmon. This version also adds new rate control per
peer which is beneficial to adhoc mode users, although adhoc
mode only works in passive mode at present.

VERSION acx100-20040701.tgz

This version fixes adhoc mode problems to the extent that
the station now broadcasts beacons and association is now
more reliable. Experimental code for the acx111 which was
in the release above has been removed.


TRY acx100current.tgz in freebsd-6.0-current

TRY acx100-6.0-REL-soyer.tgz in freebsd-6.0-release
 (changes submitted by soyer)

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