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Ted is a 6502 assembler written in 1986 used to assemble
all my +4 code.

There are various versions.

Version one was written inside the Monitor of the +4

Version two was assembled using version 1.

There are three versions of version 2, 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4.
I can't remember the difference.

In use there are two variants of the 2.4 Ted assembler.

A low version, and a high version.

The low version is used to assemble code to disc.

The high version is used to assemble code to ram below

The low version is for very large source files and the
high version for smaller source files and offers faster
development time as the low version needs to be reloaded
after the target file is subsequently loaded and run.

Version 2.4 was the last version and is found here.

Use (low version):

load "l",8,1

Use (high version):

load "h",8,1

ld is an object file loader which can be run
at $333

it will ask for a filename then load it into
memory. the file is the object code created
by tvl which is record based and can't run
natively. ld will load it into ram for further

XXX: as i never had more than one drive working on my +4
this code only works with tape or drive 8. bugfixes are